David Oulton Author's Foreword for Best Seller

LOS ANGELES (July 15, 2017) - David Oulton has written the foreword on the recently released book, Rule Breakers: Changing the Way ACTORS Do Business. The book is the latest from stage and screen actress Valorie Hubbard, known for Glee, Desperate Housewives, General Hospital, Hannah Montana, Resident Evil: Extinction and many more. 

Hubbard presents a unique system for serious actors who want to get noticed and paid for full-time, professional work. If you’re willing to be courageous, tenacious, and savvy to get work, then his book is for you. It will teach you how to break “the rules” and land substantial roles on your own.

Oulton studied screen acting under Hubbard at the New York Film Academy in 2010, and recalls in his foreword the impact that initial instruction had on his career years later. Rule Breakers is available now on Amazon.