David Oulton to Star in FROM HELL WITH LOVE

CALGARY (September 9, 2017) - Actor David Oulton is set to star in the upcoming feature film, From Hell With Love. The announcement was made via the Guns of Purgatory actor's social media on Thursday. Based on Dante Alighieri’s 14th century poem Inferno, the film follows a young woman who navigates the circles of Hell in an effort to save herself.

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Oulton, 24, is set the play the supporting lead role of Matthew, an extremist Christian where the only thing stronger than his alt-right beliefs is his internal turmoil surrounding them. Regarding the role, Oulton expressed, “it’s likely going to be the most challenging character I’ve had the opportunity to bring to life. But I’m extremely excited for the opportunity.”

The film is directed Taya Walters and goes to camera later this month in Alberta, and continues into October. Also starring are Emily Dallas and Simon Tottrup, both known for their appearances in several theatrical productions. From Hell With Love is set for a 2018 release.

Oulton can also be seen in the upcoming film Gas Station, in which he plays a cashier faced with a rapidly escalating double robbery during his night shift.


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